Alphajiri members have recently started to post everyday's "new learning" on company's chat application. We utilize Slack a lot because many members work remotely. And the other day, a member posted his new learning as below;

"I learnt Alphajiri’s meaning of existence is not sympathizing with farmers but considering their efforts towards achieving high yields and believing in their potential."

Without helping them with mercy, they can stand with their own effort. I have been believing in that way and told them the vision in many ways. But it had been a long way until Kenyan members started to sense the possibility, and even now, there are only few who truly realize it.

Every day we fight against nature and many contradictions. When I thought of the conditions of farmers' life and environment, every each word of mine would sound arrogant. But I finally feel that the word and the reality started to go together seeing his Slack post written in words of his own.

Although we had attained high yields in company's demo farm, when we tried to apply the same method in villages, it often didn't work.


Although climate and data management were our challenges, some members told me that the failure majorly comes from mentality of Alphajiri members themselves and farmers.

"I know that farmers won't follow instructions after all"
"I know farmers insist on not using fertilizer because they believe that their farms are most fertile"
"I feel pity for farmers taking loans for farm inputs because they would fail in farming and become debtors"
"Farmers don't know how to calculate own sales and profit, and they won't remember how to do it after teaching"

Despite jovial and confident impression of Kenyan people, they are in fact defeatists always saying "after all" even for slightly new trials. I believe such mentality affected their seriousness to make our farmers trust and follow them.

From this season, we have been teaching our farmers the same farming methods successful in the demo farm and supervising them with intensive data management. Our efforts are bearing fruit, and Alphajiri members witnessing the difference have started to change their attitudes.

"Alphajiri meaning of existence is not sympathizing with farmers but considering their efforts towards achieving high yields and believing in their potential."

It is almost there when the word "believing in their potential" is changed to "make their effort bear fruit" and "realize high yields."

I am aware that I am a foreigner forever in Kenya because my backbone was nurtured in Japan. I can never have the same experience and mentality. But I take it very positively. Thanks to the premise that everything about I and others are different, I ceaselessly have energy to be my authentic self, doubt myself, seriously make every effort, and sincerely expect others.

Until Kenyans change their view in such a way that they are the ones who take a lead in changing their lives, I will solemnly keep supporting them.


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"I learnt Alphajiri meaning of existence is not sympathizing with farmers but considering their efforts towards achieving high yields and believing in their potential."












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